Hello families, friends and neighbors, my name is Justin Ford and I'm proud to announce that I'm running for Lowell City Council in District 6.

I am a proud veteran, a Lowell native who grew up as a multi-racial citizen. I have learned the true meaning of family, diversity and community.


Our campaign is building a robust plan, listening to the people, so that together we can,

“Build a Lowell that reflects our values!”.

Our policy proposals include:

  • Creating a green future for Lowell, by having the city run-off of all green energy.
    • By doing this, we will reduce the carbon emissions in the city and at the same time we will also be adding jobs to this growing market. We will accomplish this by making an educated decision based on science.
  • We will increase affordable housing to increase equity in families to secure the American dream and have a foundation to build up the next generation.
    • Currently the Lowell housing market for home ownership is at 42% and that's just not good enough. Our goal will be to increase that number from 42% to 60% -70%.
  • We need to improve the relationship with the police department, the citizens and the city council. So that the Lowell Police Department does not end up on the next headline, but most importantly, to build trust.


My message to you is, let’s support our veterans, green energy, #StopAsianHate, #BLM, #LGBTQ+, also improve police relations with the community and affordable housing.

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